Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day two.

Well due to a couple of unforeseen complications I didn't leave town until 2pm on Friday. So of course I ended up in rush hour traffic for quite a while. The end result was a total of 399kms ending up in Sudbury. I had packed my luggage up and got everything in, but it was jam packed. A quick detour to my storage facility and I unloaded a few items... I hope I don't need my thick gloves, or long underwear!!

As you can hopefully see next to this, after a brief rain storm I had a spectacular rainbow. It was starting to fade a bit by the time I pulled over and got the camera out. I figured it was a good omen on your first day out!!

One lesson learned on day one, don't wait until 8pm to figure out what you are going to eat for dinner, and where you are going to stay over night. The consequence of this is a $125 handicapped smoking room for the night!! I did however get to see game 7 of the Stanley Cup...

Up bright and early for day two, and much better progress. I was hoping to average about 500kms a day, and I am now at over 1000, so nearly 700kms for day two!! Not a sore butt in sight!! I have to say thanks to the advice from my brother, the best farkle purchased so far is a "Cramp Buster" that attaches to your throttle so you use your wrist instead of having to grip the throttle. Day one I didn't use it, and was in quite a bit of pain by the end. I did twice as far today with no pain at all....

I am now in White River, which apparently is the home to Winnie the Pooh. No problems with the bike so far, and no problems finding gas. I have passed through some fantastic scenery along the lake front, which is why I chose this route. I find in a car you can day dream and not really pay attention to your surroundings, and your actions. On a motorcycle you can't (thank goodness) really do that.

The terrain has been fantastic up to this point. Unfortunately what makes it fabulous for riding makes it pretty unphotogenic!! With only a couple hundred yards of road visible before the next corner or drop off, the photo would be quite boring, but the twists and turns, especially on a motorcycle have been awesome. You end up much more in touch with the terrain and the environment on a bike: having to lean into corners gives you a much better grasp of physics and speed, and having the elements much more interactive with you.

So far no sign of moose or bears.....

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