Friday, June 5, 2009

One week to go...

It is finally starting to feel like I am going to be on vacation soon. With the house contents in boxes for the move, and all the art work and mirrors off the wall, it is now looking like I am moving at least. I have gone from planning, but not being particularly excited about my trip, to I want this week to be over, so I can just be on my

I picked my bike up from its second service today, 1200kms, and have booked its third for 6 weeks from now where it will have around 15,000kms. That is more than I normally drive in two years!!! All done in 3 months.... I hadn't realized that I will have to stop and get the oil changed twice during the trip.... The new Pirelli tires look fantastic, still won't be going through sand or mud, but they are much more all terrain than the stock street tires. I told the service tech I might be calling from South Dakota looking to get my OEM tires Fedexed Hopefully the Pirellis last the whole distance.

Still not sure of the route I am taking. I will have to decide by about Winnipeg whether I am going to take the northern or southern route across the Prairies to get to Jasper to meet Matthew and Dawn. Matthew tells me that the road through Glacier National Park is still closed, so it doesn't sound like we will be doing that route.

I am a bit worried about luggage space for the trip. Having to pack motorcycle gear for hot, cold, and rain as well as camping for 6 weeks means not much room left for clothing. :-)

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  1. After all of your talk about new tires ... I suddenly had the thought that I should check mine. Since I bought the bike new last spring I put 18,000 km's on it with the same tires. And they were pretty worn out. So, my bike is at the shop this very moment getting new rubber for our upcoming journey.

    See you soon.
    Travel safely.
    Northern M&D