Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Out of sync.

I didn't realize when I left how sporadic the cell phone coverage would be. I assumed with the latest high tech digital Blackberry with GPS that there was a satellite watching me wherever I went.... not so, quite the areas of blackout. Not good if you were planing on using your phone in an emergency!!! So my updates will arrive when ever I reach a civilized town that has either internet access or a cell phone tower.

Well I pushed on once again today, and am now about 550kms from Jasper. A very easy ride tomorrow, and I am hoping to be up in the mountains before the heat of the day hits. OMG what a hot day today. Pretty cold when I left, pretty cold when I arrived, but in between..... not a lot of fun, let's just put it that way.

Saskatchewan, I blinked and missed it...lol... not quite but aside from getting gas, and a quick meal I drove right through it. Woke up in Manitoba, and going to bed in Alberta!! Still can't see the Rockies from here, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

I still haven't listened to my I-Pod. Just hour after hour of the wind whistling through my helmet. It sounds boring, but I think blocking out the environment would have taken away from the ride. Maybe after 5 weeks when I am finally heading home I will feel different...lol... I had an image in my head of what riding through the Prairies was going to be like: miles of wheat and corn blowing in the breeze. Having only driven through the Prairies in August you can understand my delusion. The reality in June is fields of dirt and grass height green sprouts!! Very disappointing....

Still no problems with the bike. I lost 1mm of tread off my tires yesterday in my nearly 1000km stint! I am hoping that was mostly due to the bad roads and the gravel, I will see how today fared when I check tomorrow morning.

Having spent the last two night "on the cheap" I splurged for a hotel room tonight. Nice to have a pool and a hot tub to relax in before dinner, let me tell you!

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