Friday, June 19, 2009

Winter camping in June!

Well what a fabulous day!!! It was probably my most inexpensive day so far, and quite by accident I must say. I left my hotel about 9am this morning and other than stopping for breakfast pretty much drove straight through to Jasper. One of my best discoveries of this trip: A&W breakfasts!! I know having bacon and eggs is not very good for you, but boy does it taste good!!

Within 5 minutes of paying my way into Jasper Provincial Park I hit a rain storm. Considering the temperature had been dropping steadily for the last couple of hours it wasn't that much fun. By the time I hit Jasper it was about 10 degrees C and raining steadily. I pulled over and mulled my options: pay $150 for a hotel room, or drive 100kms to option B.

Option B was something I had heard about. Camping at the Columbia Ice Fields!! I have always wanted to do Winter camping and have never done it. Now I am not quite camping in the snow but it is pretty close. I arrived at the Ice Fields Chalet knowing the camping was on a first come first serve basis, it is also about 5:15 by now. So I find out the campsite is 1km away and zip over there to reserve my spot. I then headed back to the Chalet to get something to eat.

I then noticed tours of the Ice Fields on huge glacier buses, and had to go for it. An hour and a half tour going 2.2kms into the glacier, spending 20 minutes wandering around taking pictures, very cool!! Unfortunately when I got back the cafeteria was closed, and I haven't eaten since 9am!! I could have eaten in the restaurant, but with rain threatening I grabbed some stuff from the vending machine and heading to quickly set up my tent. Well the rain still hasn't come a few hours later, but I am now snug as a bug in a rug, actually a tent, with a gorgeous view of the Ice Fields from my door!!! Can't beat that.

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