Saturday, June 27, 2009

Finally at the ocean...

Well I had come close when visiting my parents in Coquitlam, but it wasn't until this morning that I finally got to see the Pacific. I actually smelled it first, and having spent the last 17 years around a fresh water lake, had forgotten that it would smell different. It brought back lots of memories from growing up in Vancouver.

Hit a bit of rush hour traffic going through one small town, not really sure what the slow down was. Highway 101 with a speed limit of 55 mph is quite a bit slower than the 70mph limit on the I-5, but there is no comparison as far as scenery goes.

We had a terrific lunch at The Grateful Bread in Pacific City. Well worth the detour off the highway. The best Dory caught cod sandwich EVER!!! Can't leave there without buying some sort of fresh baked goods, so have scones for breakfast tomorrow!! mmmmm.....

We stopped a bit early today, but having learned early on when you get to a gorgeous town within 50kms of where you were planning on stopping, don't go any further. So we stopped in Waldport, a scenic little town on the ocean.

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