Thursday, July 16, 2009

Back home, or at least in my hometown...

Well I made it back to Toronto by mid afternoon yesterday, and went straight to my dealer to book an oil change for next it is a bit passed due.

Once again I got really lucky with the weather and missed a thunderstorm by minutes. At one point I was just exiting the highway heading east when the north bound route I left started raining! So after 1500 miles in 2 1/2 half days I am pretty exhausted, good thing I can put my feet up at work and relax.

Yes I was back at work first thing this morning, looking like Grizzly Adams. Mid morning I headed downstairs for one of men's few "treats": An hour long shave done with a straight razor! Lots of cocoa butter lotions and about a dozen hot towels, it was the first time I have ever done it, and I have to admit it was pretty great! After work I went and got a haircut, so I am now back to my civilized self.

The three questions I have asked myself are: Did I enjoy it? Would I do it again? Did it seem like 5 weeks?

I absolutely enjoyed it! Minus the Prairies, it was fantastic, and a once in a lifetime experience. Which answers my next question... I absolutely would not do it again. I am glad I did it once, but I just can't see going through all that again. Maybe shipping my bike to the West Coast, but even then the cities I would like to stay longer in: Sonoma and Napa Valley, Moab, Vail, you can always fly to and stay for a week, which is what they really need. Doing it with my brother, and for the brief period with Dawn, was great. The majority of the time I spent by myself was unfortunately the grueling boring part, with the exception of Moab. It would be a totally different trip with a woman. I am not sure one could stand the monotony of sitting on the back of a bike for that period of time, I certainly couldn't. A woman with her own bike would be ideal!

Did it seem like 5 weeks? I would have to say yes, at least 5 weeks, things I did before I left seem like such a long time ago. I have a theory I somehow came across or developed over the years: your brain filters out all the things that are similar or routine, and only remembers new or unique things. Which is why at the end of a work week, after having done the same thing over and over again the week seems to have flown by, because your brain has deleted most of the week. As a kid every day is full of new and exciting things, as we get older fewer and fewer new things happen, so time speeds up, as your brain deletes more and more of your time.

These last 5 weeks, even with the routine of riding the same motorcycle for hours on end, has been full of new places, faces, vistas, and views. Things I have never seen, places I have never been to, and activities I have never tried. There hasn't been a whole lot my brain has had to delete for the last 5 weeks, so it seems like it has lasted for a great deal of time.

So I have come to the end of my journey, maybe my next one will be with my bike maybe not... but I do know there will be a next one.... :-)

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