Friday, July 3, 2009

Yosemite is burning!

Yup we made it into Yosemite. The park rangers seemed not terribly concerned the fire was within a couple of hundred yards of the road. They have a completely hands off attitude towards putting out fires. I assume they would have closed the road if it got too close though!! Yosemite is what you would expect: thousands of people lining up to get to the same spot to take the same pictures as everyone else.... that is except for Matthew who proceeded to wade through the waterfall to get to a spot on the other side!! Thank heavens for Gortex motorcycle boots!!

Had a fabulous lunch at the Awahnee Resort in the park, very West Coast lodge like. Leaving the park the air was still pretty cool so I zipped in my wind liner.... for 20 minutes!!! The heat increased as we descended until we hit the flats and became unbearable. Taking refuge in a small town for a smoothie then dinner until the sun was almost setting.

The original plan was to stay near Yosemite, but that left a pretty daunting day of about 450 miles to Las Vegas through Death Valley. So we pushed on leaving a measly 250 miles to Vegas, camping in a "lovely" (primitive) campground with a gorgeous view of the desert and the mountains.

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