Monday, July 6, 2009

A popsicle in the Grand Canyon....

Well the Plaza was a pretty good hotel, until you try to leave, kind of like Hotel California..... Matthew and I figured we would use a bell hop to carry all our motorcycle luggage out to the parking lot to save carrying hundreds of pounds of luggage. Sounded great in theory, in reality it was an hour before we were able to leave. Dead batteries on walkie talkies, and lack luster management impinged our every effort to leave.

Finally on our way, an hour late, and about 5 degrees warmer... we got to the Grand Canyon late in the afternoon, and spent the remainder of the day photographing the view. We stayed until just about sunset, then headed out to backtrack the 45 miles to our campground. The only thing we hadn't taken into account was the temperature. We had stopped at the campground on the way down and unloaded all our stuff, only taking the bare essentials to the Canyon. Well after sunset the temperature dropped to about 10 degrees, and we only had full mesh motorcycle gear with us!!! So yes I was a human Popsicle by the time we got back. We did stop at a lodge for dinner, and in my usual adventurous manner tried Moose Drool beer!! Very tasty!!

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