Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The view of Moab from 10,000 ft!

Ok those of you that have seen my Facebook update know what is coming.... Moab is considered one of the top Adventure destinations in the USA, from mountain biking, ATV and dirt biking, river rafting etc.... so I figured it was the place to try something I have always wanted to do: skydiving!!

I was supposed to go 6pm last night but the winds were too high so I headed over at 8am this morning, and saw two groups of 2 go ahead of me. There are two instructors jumping tandem, so you are strapped to one of them. The benefit of this is if you jump by yourself the height is much lower, and the chute opens straight away. Jumping tandem means freefall!!! The photo isn't of me, but the group ahead of me, but I have a DVD being sent to me, so I will try and upload it when it arrives.

How to describe it... the first few seconds is like sensory overload. The wind is howling, you are spinning all over the place, then you arch into position and fall stomach first for a while, then the chute opens and everything goes quiet. I was given the controls for a while and manged to put us into a pretty good corkscrew! Thanks to a fantastic instructor, and owner Paul, who I was strapped to, I did a perfect standing/running landing!! It was absolutely fantastic and one more thing checked off my list of things to try.

Having flown over the National Parks in the 20 minute flight to get to 10,000 ft. I figured I should hit the last one which was the north end of Canyonlands Park. Lots more photos, lots more heat, and I was ready to hit the road by 4:30. I had hoped to be gone by noon, but the skydiving took longer than expected. The ride out of town was not the fastest, I chose a route that ran along the Colorado River, but it was certainly gorgeous! By 7:30 I was cooked, I was so hot and tired from the previous nights lack of sleep, I pulled into this little town after seeing a sign for "Wine Country Inn" thinking it sounded like a nice "mom and pop" kind of place. Well it turns out to be a gorgeous(slightly expensive)Inn next to a vineyard. Being too tired to go on, here I am in my king sized feather bed typing quite the change in venue from sweating in a tent last night!!

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