Monday, July 6, 2009

Last day together.

Matthew had said right from the start that if the temperature got too hot he was going to head north. So it came as no surprise that he is going to start making he way home to Smithers. We have now had a week of high 90's and over 100 degree days, and no sign of it breaking any time soon!!

So today we left the camp site out side the Grand Canyon and made our way to Green River Utah. It is the last spot where both our paths meet. I am heading south from here to spend a few days in (hot) Moab, and Matthew is heading north to Flaming Gorge, and Yellowstone. This has been the longest we have spent together in 20-25 years!! I have learned a great deal from him in the last couple of weeks, so am extremely grateful for this time together. Hopefully my photos show the improvement in technique and composition. We even swapped bikes for part of the day today, to see what the other has been riding. Aside from the engine size, they are quite similar in riding style.

The ride into Utah was as expected unbelievably hot. Gorgeous landscapes and a wide variety of terrain. Tomorrow should be a great day for photos!!

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