Friday, July 3, 2009

Death Valley and Vegas...

We decided that if we were going to route through Death Valley, which I REALLY wanted to do, we would get up early to hopefully be there when it wasn't too hot yet. So up at 5am, setting off at 6am, getting to Death Valley about 10am. Still nice and cool, a balmy 101 degrees F in the shade!! Stopped to take a few pictures then ventured down the windy road and across the valley floor, winding our way out of the valley, congratulating our selves on how easy it had been.

Well it turned out that wasn't Death Valley, that was Death Valley's younger, much smaller brother.... Coming over the rise we entered a HUGE valley, 10 miles across, not 1, like the previous valley! Still, this is where we saw the temperature at the Ranger Station, and it still wasn't too bad.

The bad part was the ride from Death Valley to Las Vegas. At one point Matthew signaled it was 46 degrees C!! Makes Death Valley feel like a picnic, especially since we had about 120 miles of it!!

We couldn't get into our hotel fast enough, and having showered and taken a walk we are now waiting for the sun to set, then evening air to fall to a chilly 36 degrees C, so we can go walk the 4 mile strip of casinos!!

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