Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Back in the land of the Interweb...

This might end up being a bit of a long update, having been out of touch with the civilized world for a few days. So much so all the batteries on my electronics were dead.

Having left our river resort, Matthew and I headed south along the coast. We have been really lucky and still haven't encountered rain. It was pretty chilly near the water, while the one brief interlude inland had the temperature jump 12 degrees C!! All in about 5 miles. Yes one of the benefits of all this electronic paraphernalia is that when I crossed the border I was able to change my motorcycle over to the backwards American system of miles, my GPS too. It has been very helpful having your speedometer and odometer in miles I must say!!

My favorite road so far is Highway 1 off Highway 101 in north California. One of the first signs was :Twisty tight roads for the next 22 miles"!!! Awesome. Not a huge amount of miles covered due to the terrain, but totally worth it...
Another lovely campground on the coast, within walking distance of the shore. My brother is quite a fantastic photographer so I am taking every opportunity to get tips on how to shoot. We spent about an hour photographing the surf and the sunset.

The next morning we headed on further down the coast into San Francisco. Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge(and paying the $6 US toll to do so!) Stopped to take a few pictures of Alcatraz and the bridge, then headed inland saying good bye to the coast for the last time.

The temperature gradually increased until we hit Sonoma late in the afternoon. Couldn't find a campground in Sonoma so zipped over the hill into Napa Valley and stayed at a Wilderness retreat!! We had deer about 40 feet from us!!

Today was supposed to be a tour of Arrowood Vineyard then tasting at a few others. Arriving at the supposed tour time of 10:30 we were told it is by appointment only, and we should have booked weeks in advance!! Very disappointing. We decided to do a tasting there any way, and half way through it David DuBois the Direct Sales Manager for the vineyard took over, and made it an extremely memorable event. We ended up staying for about 2 1/2 hours chatting with him, and I ended up trying about a dozen wines!! He even gave Matthew a bottle to take of the 2004 Cabernet Private Reserve!!! After that we were pretty much done with the wine

So we headed out early towards Yosemite, which is our next stop, and ended up dying in the heat. I think it is 39 degrees C outside. Yes we fell back on civilization and are staying in a motel, with air conditioning.... Oh well we got a great deal....

So tomorrow, if we don't melt over night, we will head out to Yosemite. We are keeping an eye on the forest fires. We have also just booked two nights in Las Vegas for this weekend, as it seemed the safest thing to have something booked for July 4th. I couldn't talk Matthew into the Hooters Hotel... ;-)

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