Friday, July 10, 2009

"Interstate" riding....

After coaxing myself from my lap of luxury hotel room I hit the road heading for my previous days destination: Boulder Colorado. Ironically the temperature was much cooler and got progressively more so as the day went on. Riding on the interstates in Colorado is not quite the same as slab riding the 6 lanes of the 401 in Toronto. With the river on one side(not sure if it was the Colorado or not) and mountains on the other, it is truly gorgeous. With a mild 250 mile day planned I cruised along in cool comfort. Vail is truly gorgeous and definitely a spot I would return to, especially in Winter.

The peak of my day literally was 11,158 ft. as I rode through the highest vehicular tunnel in the world the Eisenhower Tunnel. Yes there was snow 50ft. from the road at one point!! So having gone from over a hundred degrees to putting all the liners in my gear, it was quite a change!!

Arriving in Boulder at a comfortable 1pm, I discovered it wasn't the picturesque Whistler type outdoorsy town, but more like the University district of Denver. Very disappointing. So giving up on staying there I headed towards my final waypoint of my journey Rapid City South Dakota.

Well having gone from a leisurely scenic pace to high speed multi-lane boring hot riding, 3 hours later I was ready to give up. Having not seen a campground for hours I finally pulled into a small town and settled for a hotel again. :-(

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