Saturday, July 4, 2009

Two sides of Vegas...

So last night we saw the "touristy" materialistic side of Vegas. Taking a cab to the "newer" strip we started at Luxor and worked our way along. The Luxor is simply over the top... a huge pyramid that is absolutely crazy inside!! New York, and Treasure Island were pretty cool, bu the Bellagio was truly stunning. The lesson learned on this leg of the trip was staying at the Plaza in the Fremont area of downtown saved us about $50US a night, but the cab to the new strip was $23-25 each way, so if you are planning on visiting the strip you don't really save any money....

This morning we headed out pretty early to visit Red Rock Canyon. The route through the canyon is about 13 miles and is truly one of the natural wonders of the area. Lots of cyclists use it as a route, and I had one draft me for about 5 miles towards the end of the circuit, which was kind of cool! Lots of interesting rock formations, and coloring in the mountains.

Considering this is called Tiger Trippin' I thought I should do a bit of a bike update. I am now at about 6500 miles(can't convert back to kms until the border) and have now had no problems with the bike. The tires are still holding on, but am not sure they will get me home. The side luggage could be larger, but other than that I am extremely happy it.

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